Day 15 Complete

Spiritual gift inventories are helpful in showing us where our strengths and weaknesses lay. It’s nice when we score high in something we enjoy doing. We become more encouraged to continue our study and growth in that area. The spiritual gifts inventory also gives us an excuse to put less work into those things we score low on. This strengthens the idea that we just aren’t called into that area of ministry. But how often God surprises us!
I got the privilege of talking to a pastor in the Kane district. He told how his lowest score was pastoral care prior to church ministry. The first year serving the church forced him into more than a few serious pastoral care situations. He put his trust in God and stepped forward.

He has now been there for more than a few years and a couple of the members are thrilled with their pastor who cares for them in such a compassionate way.

It reminds me that I should be careful about saying “I can’t do that” to God. So often God proves me wrong.

I pray that God proves you wrong more than a couple times throughout your journey.


Day 13 Complete 

Today was hot. Today was humid. 

Today offered two distinct routes from Ridgway to Kane.

 One route was over 3 miles shorter (one less hour of walking). This shorter route offered more shade along the road. 

However, the shorter route bypassed two churches we wanted to share time with.  The shorter route was also not the one we promised to follow. 

Today was hot.  Today was humid.  Today our feet ached in new ways. 

Everything pointed us in the direction of the shorter, easier, route. That is everything except the Lord. This is not our journey it is, has been, and will continue to be the Lord’s. 

Today was hot. Today was humid. Today our feet aches in new ways. Greater than all of these is…today is the day the Lord has made!

So we took the road less travelled, the road that did not make human sense. It was hot, humid, aching, and filled with God’s presence in very profound ways. 

Today as I walked I sang. I sang hymns, spirituals, and praise songs. Every step I took was filled with a song for the Lord. 

When I sang and was focused solely on the Lord…I forgot it was hot, humid and that my feet were sore. 

When I lost that focus it all came right back. And then the Holy Spirit would raise up within me another song.

 Along one particularly difficult stretch the Spirit raised up the spiritual “Ride On King Jesus”. I went from dragging along to nearly dancing up the roadside. (It must have been a sight for anyone passing by.)

I wonder how many times the Holy Spirit rises up within us to lead us forward, but we quiet the Spirit. We subdue the Spirit. We choose to drag on in our wantings, longings, and complaints…all the while God is trying to lift us up and over the problems we are facing. 

How often do we take the easiest road and shut down what God can do while we yield to our own weakness?

How many lives have been left untouched by God’s presence because it has been too hard to move on the road less travelled?

Where would the Church, our local faith communities, and our personal ministries be if we set aside what made sense in our finite mind and seemed easier. And instead chose the road where we were fully dependent upon God?  

Today I learned, once again, the power of letting Jesus “Ride On” instead of me dragging along. 

Have a blessed sabbath. Take time to celebrate what God has given you. And make sure that all those around you know how very loved they are!
Grace and Peace,


Day 12 complete

Weddings are great for many things. They are good for tears of joy, delicious cake, nervous couples, stress, and memories, to name a few. But they are also good at reminding us how important and how much work relationships are.
I believe that when a couple say their vows to one another, in the presence of God they are promising to love each other in such a way that other people see Jesus’ love at work in their relationship.
That is why a marriage can be so rewarding and encouraging. The couple is there to support each other and help each other through out life. 
That’s also why marriage isn’t always easy and takes work. Sometimes spouses don’t see eye to eye or does something to disappoint, but a promise has been made to love as Jesus loves.
Scott and I had the privilege of seeing this kind of commitment to the vows first hand. We met a couple that have married for almost 35 years. The love they have for each other easily displayed the love God has for them. There relationship is a clear testament to Jesus’ activity in their life.
This kind of love isn’t just for married people. Jesus commands us to love one another in such a way that sets us apart from the world.
But I don’t always get it right. 
We met a man on the walk. He seemed friendly, happy, and was open to chatting as we were both headed in the same direction.
I never met some with so much hate on such a good natured face. He was comfortable with his world view and it helped him make sense of the world.
I talked to him about God’s love for all, but he thinks it’s just for some. Our time together was cut short, because Scott and I were switching out. I thought about him all day and prayed for him. I still wonder if I could have or should have done more? Maybe offer him a ride or to pray with him? 
But, I learned the same lesson through the loving couple and the hateful man. Each relationship I am in gives me opportunity to love boldly and I should not pass it up. I pray for the strength for each of us to be a faithful witness through God’s love, whether it be long term relationships or short encounters.

Day 11 Complete

I continue to be amazed by the incredible hospitality we are given.   I am not surprised that everywhere we go congregations, pastors, and communities are hospitable. My amazement comes in the many ways hospitality is expressed. 

There is the excitement of our arrival, the hands shakes and hugs, the conversations and sharing, the breaking of bread, the sharing of facilities and homes, and the overwhelming sense of belonging in places I have never been before.  It is all so very incredible. 

God is teaching and stretching me in incredible ways. 

I love being a host, making everyone I can feel welcome and loved. That is my nature. But I struggle receiving the same gift that I love giving. 

We talk in the church about radical hospitality, but narrowly define it. Hospitality is so much more than a pleasant greeting, it is making the guest feel so comfortable that they can receive the blessings being offered. Justin and I have felt that depth of comfort along this entire journey. 

If we really want church to be places of radical hospitality, then we need to find the way to make everyone feel comfortable.  That comfort enables hospitality to be received and for everyone to be open to the promptings of the Spirit. 

So…whether in our houses of worship, in our homes, or in our workplaces; what practices do we have that can make others feel uncomfortable and guarded?  When we find these and are willing to make changes, then we can talk serious about being hospitable. 


Day 10 Complete 

I don’t think I fully appreciated just how big and how many churches are in our conference. Today we walked passed a church in Westover on route 36 south of Mahaffey.
I stopped, like I normally do, and walked around the grounds. Peering into the windows, I noticed the light was lit behind the cross. Thinking someone was in the building, I tried opening the door only to find it was locked.

A neighbor of the church was on his porch so we chatted for a bit. He says he attends the church and knows Pastor Adam. Near the end of our conversation I mention the light in the church. His response surprised me.

“The last one out turns the light off and God hasn’t left yet”, he said.

That light says that God is here and will always be here. Not just in that building as they gather, but in all places and at all times.

This is a message that needs shared across our conference and through our conference. Especially in places that feel they have been forgotten.

The passion for the people of Mahaffey was clear as Pastor Kendra talked about them. But the frustration was also evident as she shared stories of drug problems, poverty, and a social structure that is struggling to keep up with everything.

I get the feeling her story is not unique. As pastors, we want to help but sometimes feel isolated and alone.

Praise God the light is still on, because God hasn’t left yet.  

Do you need to be reminded that you are not alone? Reminder: You are not alone. You are loved dearly.

Are you in a position to offer support and prayer to a church community that feels forgotten? If so, call your Pastor or District Superintendent and ask how you can help.

We are in this together.



Day 9 Complete 

Just a quick note before I reflect…keep an eye on the tracker. We have needed to make some changes along the way that may or may not affect our arrival times. Safety is always first. 

We were blessed last evening with wonderful hospitality and conversation at Scalp Level Trinity. Pastor Jim also was a blessing as he joined us for a portion of this mornings walk.

This evening we are in Ebensburg and shared dinner and conversation with one of the many great families here. 

Every step along this journey has been a blessing. Blessings that would not have happened if we would have given into the blister pain, the ankle pain, the aching bodies, the frustration of changing plans, or even the close run in with a speeding car yesterday. 

I am not complaining about any of these experiences, they are part of the journey we are on. Journeys are never simple and always have obstacles. It is so easy to stop when the “going gets tough.”  If we would have stopped we would have missed out on so many incredible moments. 

I think we live in such a McDonalds world (we can get a meal in minutes with no work of our own) that we have forgotten that successes require work and overcoming obstacles.  

Work always includes overcoming obstacles…otherwise we wouldn’t call it work. It requires activity and effort. 

Ministry requires work. Mission requires work. Discipleship requires work. Change requires work. Relationships require work. And hard conersations and resolution seeking require work. The list can go on and on.

So why do we quit so easily? Why do we think life is like a drive through window where we put in our order and pull around to pick it up (having someone else doing the work).

If your goal is worthwhile and God directed. Don’t stop. Push through. 


Praise God for the blessings that follow. 


Day 8 Completed

Last week was such blessing. Each day brought with it the challenge of walking more than a few miles, new people to meet, new churches to connect and celebrate with. It was filled with some great memories.
One of my favorite moments from last week was talking with a couple of the pastor’s and seeing the joy on their faces as they shared their passion for ministry and for the congregations they serve.
I was reminded that I am not in this alone. And it is not all about me. Those thoughts became especially apparent when I rested on Sunday. All week I worked hard on the walk, trying to go as far as I could, to talk with as many as I could. By Saturday I was done in. I had reached my limit. 
Sunday was a day that I was able to sit back, worship God with First UMC of Somerset, and thank God for my limits. Because those limits make me rely on God all the more. 
That day of rest helped me to realize if I act like I can do it all and don’t take the time to sit and worship in God’s presence and seek God’s will for my life, I will be useless. My energy will run out. I will dry up. My growth will become stunted.
I pray that we all find time to rest in the presence of Jesus and become filled with His love and spirit, so that we can keep putting one foot in front of the other in the service we were called to do.