Walk Countdown

Good afternoon.

    Tomorrow is the day!  At 0800 (At the Conference Center) Justin and I will be taking the first steps of our journey around the Conference.  We are both excited and anxious as we begin this ministry.  Final cuts are being made as we look to lighten the backpack we carry.  As we do so it reminds me of how much excess we tend to carry throughout our lives.
    We are so grateful to the congregations, families, and co-walkers who are housing us along the way.  Words fail to express how very much we appreciate all the support we have received.
    Along the way we will be blogging, tweeting, and emailing about our experiences.  We will also be posting a daily tracking link so that you will be able to follow us along the way.
    Blog: occasionalthoughts.org (all blog information will be emailed daily…if you prefer not to receive the email please reply and request to be removed)
    Twitter:  @PastorGallagher
    Posts: wpaumc.org
    We greatly appreciate your prayers along the way and hope that as word spreads that others will join us along the route, by walking in their community, or by walking the labyrinth.

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