Day 2 complete 

Today was full of surprises and many blessings. We are still overwhelmed with the beauty that we are seeing and hospitality we are receiving. 

We planned for everything, or so we thought. The right shoes, the right socks, the right gear and food supplies. But. Somehow we still developed blisters, small and large, on our feet. The socks were suppose to stop that. The shoes were to limit that. The Vaseline was suppose to ease that.

But…they appeared anyway. And each one helps us focus on the next step. 

I, Scott, was surprised to find a rather intense pain in my right ankle. After receiving a ride from Hannah (Justin’s sister) Med Express found an old bone fragment from an injury years old had moved. I can still make the walk, but we have to adjust. 

Adjusting is hard to do when you make all the decisions, but things don’t go according to plan. But, if we are focused on our goal and not on the preparations made we can avoid frustration and move forward. 

The same is true with the unexpected surprise that looks to derail your progress. Focus on it we will freeze. Focus on a solution to overcome and move forward. 

Adjustment and adaptation are always part of ministry.  Don’t let yourself be frozen by frustration. 

(We have made adjustments to the walk, but will be moving forward (just with a relay car). All is well. )

Watch for the new tracking link. 

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