Day 3 Complete

Soooo…We made it to Jefferson today. It was a rough day. Our bodies are adjusting to the rigors of near constant movement. We are getting there (folds hands and raises eyes toward God).
I have learned that I need about 30 steps. My feet hurt, my legs are stiff, getting up takes more than a couple moments. The first several steps don’t always land where I want them to. The next several are more hopeful, as the legs start to find their stride. After that, the pain subsides and it’s down to business.
Getting started is by far the most difficult part if the day. But if we didn’t start we wouldn’t experience the blessing we have.
A big “Thank you”, to Oak View UMC for your show of support and your prayers. I am sorry we weren’t there to experience it. I was comforted to hear about your passion for the Lord.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 Complete

  1. Hi Scott! I’m sorry to read about your pain and bond issue! Wyatt and I will pray for you to be pain free! How can I subscribe to this blog? Blessings, Jane


    1. Hi Jane, At the bottom right of your screen you should see an icon with the word “Follow”. If you click that, you can enter your email address to subscribe.


  2. Hi Jane,
    On the bottom right side of your screen you should see a little icon with the word “Follow”. If you click that and enter your email address, you can subscribe.


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