Day 4 Complete

List one: Miles walked Day 1: 27

Day 2: 24

Day 3: 24

Today: 11 a piece

When Scott and I started thinking about doing this, the motivation started as, “Do you think we could walk 500 miles?” It was an exciting thought, almost romantic. Walking around the conference had a certain macho ring to it.

But it took a toll on us. And we had to slow down. We now have a car and today we walked relay style. Scott walks 1.5-2 miles and I drive ahead. Then I walk the same distance while Scott drives ahead. All the while we are watching out for each other on the tracker and keeping in touch by phone. I won’t be able to say that I walked 500 miles.
List two: People interacted with on the walk

Day 1: 0

Day 2: 4

Day 3: 2

Today: 11

We needed a reason to do the walk. We prayed about it and came up with health, encouraging community interaction, and praying for the Conference. I had the blessing of sitting down with Diane Olson, pastor of Brownfield/Hopwood. She shared with we the joys of serving the churches there. Scott was walking a leg of the walk having his own encounters.
I may not walk 500 miles. But how important is that compared with making connections through Jesus?
It has often happened to me that God works through my imperfect motivations.
Has that happened to you?



One thought on “Day 4 Complete

  1. Rarely are adventures the way we imagine them. But through God’s grace sometimes they are even better than we could have dreamed! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers and we look forward to seeing you in DuBois!


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