Day 5 Complete

It was good that the past two nights Justin and I were able to stay with family. Tonight we received incredible hospitality from Pastor Mark and Karen and the congregation of Normalville UMC. 

We have met amazing folks along this journey. God is beyond good!

Before the walk began I bought a boonie hat. The one with the flap that hides in the hat or covers your neck to help keep you cool. (My new hat got some chuckles, but it works great.)

The hat’s tag implied that it was “one size fits all”. Ha! The reality is that the chin strap adjusts and the cord around the hat adjusts. It is only one size fits all after you “make” it fit you correctly. 

This morning our journey began in Hopwood at the base of the Summit. As we travelled up route 40 we left a town, entered into the mountains, passed through farming communities, up higher into the mountains and into a rural community. 

As we walked I began to think about the “quick fix” ideas, the universal plan that fits everything, the latest trend that will order your life or ministry. Guess what? There is no one size fits all. We have to work at things to make them fit. We have to know what we are fitting it on. We have to be engaged in the process. 

As I follow General Conference, I realize that there is not one fix, one resolution, one piece of legislation that will fit everywhere. What we need is real work, real understanding of each other, and a real willingness to be engaged in creating a solution.   (Praying all the delegates have safe travel to their homes from General Conference.)

Guess what? As I walked and thought I realized the same is true for the each of us individually.   

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