Day 6 Complete

This morning we enjoyed breakfast with pastors Mark and Mike. It was a great time of fellowship in Normalville. 

We thought we had creatws the top of the mountain, but there was still more to climb. 

The weather predictions were correct!  Cool, rainy and foggy was the order of the day. The wind was a consistent reminder of the chill in the air, but we pressed forward. 

Along the way we had a surprise visit from some folks from Trafford, spent some time at Wesley Chapel with the Pastor Lester, his wife and aome folks from the church. 

We found ourself ahead of schedule in spite of the weather. 

But by evening the weather had taken its toll on our bodies and left  the road quite wet. We decided to stop 5.6 miles shy of our goal for the day and drive into Somerset.  

Once we made the decision the sky opened up and the rain came down harder than all day. It was the right choice. When we arrived in Somerset the rain stopped.

We have been blessed with a hotel room for the night and a chance to worship and share tomorrow at Somerset First. 

As we reflect on the day it was another great day. We also remember that God’s goal for us was never 520 miles as much as it was to promote health, surround the conference with prayer and to connect with the wonderful communities. 

We cannot do any of those fully behind our desk, in our pew or in other idle ways. We can’t be totally mindful of prayer with our electronics and fast-paced schedules. And we cannot be connected with our community at 35-70 mph…maybe not even fully at 3 mph. 

Tomorrow how about we all get up and move, spend focused time in prayer and slow down enough to enjoy one another. 

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