Day 8 Completed

Last week was such blessing. Each day brought with it the challenge of walking more than a few miles, new people to meet, new churches to connect and celebrate with. It was filled with some great memories.
One of my favorite moments from last week was talking with a couple of the pastor’s and seeing the joy on their faces as they shared their passion for ministry and for the congregations they serve.
I was reminded that I am not in this alone. And it is not all about me. Those thoughts became especially apparent when I rested on Sunday. All week I worked hard on the walk, trying to go as far as I could, to talk with as many as I could. By Saturday I was done in. I had reached my limit. 
Sunday was a day that I was able to sit back, worship God with First UMC of Somerset, and thank God for my limits. Because those limits make me rely on God all the more. 
That day of rest helped me to realize if I act like I can do it all and don’t take the time to sit and worship in God’s presence and seek God’s will for my life, I will be useless. My energy will run out. I will dry up. My growth will become stunted.
I pray that we all find time to rest in the presence of Jesus and become filled with His love and spirit, so that we can keep putting one foot in front of the other in the service we were called to do.



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