Day 9 Complete 

Just a quick note before I reflect…keep an eye on the tracker. We have needed to make some changes along the way that may or may not affect our arrival times. Safety is always first. 

We were blessed last evening with wonderful hospitality and conversation at Scalp Level Trinity. Pastor Jim also was a blessing as he joined us for a portion of this mornings walk.

This evening we are in Ebensburg and shared dinner and conversation with one of the many great families here. 

Every step along this journey has been a blessing. Blessings that would not have happened if we would have given into the blister pain, the ankle pain, the aching bodies, the frustration of changing plans, or even the close run in with a speeding car yesterday. 

I am not complaining about any of these experiences, they are part of the journey we are on. Journeys are never simple and always have obstacles. It is so easy to stop when the “going gets tough.”  If we would have stopped we would have missed out on so many incredible moments. 

I think we live in such a McDonalds world (we can get a meal in minutes with no work of our own) that we have forgotten that successes require work and overcoming obstacles.  

Work always includes overcoming obstacles…otherwise we wouldn’t call it work. It requires activity and effort. 

Ministry requires work. Mission requires work. Discipleship requires work. Change requires work. Relationships require work. And hard conersations and resolution seeking require work. The list can go on and on.

So why do we quit so easily? Why do we think life is like a drive through window where we put in our order and pull around to pick it up (having someone else doing the work).

If your goal is worthwhile and God directed. Don’t stop. Push through. 


Praise God for the blessings that follow. 


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