Day 10 Complete 

I don’t think I fully appreciated just how big and how many churches are in our conference. Today we walked passed a church in Westover on route 36 south of Mahaffey.
I stopped, like I normally do, and walked around the grounds. Peering into the windows, I noticed the light was lit behind the cross. Thinking someone was in the building, I tried opening the door only to find it was locked.

A neighbor of the church was on his porch so we chatted for a bit. He says he attends the church and knows Pastor Adam. Near the end of our conversation I mention the light in the church. His response surprised me.

“The last one out turns the light off and God hasn’t left yet”, he said.

That light says that God is here and will always be here. Not just in that building as they gather, but in all places and at all times.

This is a message that needs shared across our conference and through our conference. Especially in places that feel they have been forgotten.

The passion for the people of Mahaffey was clear as Pastor Kendra talked about them. But the frustration was also evident as she shared stories of drug problems, poverty, and a social structure that is struggling to keep up with everything.

I get the feeling her story is not unique. As pastors, we want to help but sometimes feel isolated and alone.

Praise God the light is still on, because God hasn’t left yet.  

Do you need to be reminded that you are not alone? Reminder: You are not alone. You are loved dearly.

Are you in a position to offer support and prayer to a church community that feels forgotten? If so, call your Pastor or District Superintendent and ask how you can help.

We are in this together.



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