Day 11 Complete

I continue to be amazed by the incredible hospitality we are given.   I am not surprised that everywhere we go congregations, pastors, and communities are hospitable. My amazement comes in the many ways hospitality is expressed. 

There is the excitement of our arrival, the hands shakes and hugs, the conversations and sharing, the breaking of bread, the sharing of facilities and homes, and the overwhelming sense of belonging in places I have never been before.  It is all so very incredible. 

God is teaching and stretching me in incredible ways. 

I love being a host, making everyone I can feel welcome and loved. That is my nature. But I struggle receiving the same gift that I love giving. 

We talk in the church about radical hospitality, but narrowly define it. Hospitality is so much more than a pleasant greeting, it is making the guest feel so comfortable that they can receive the blessings being offered. Justin and I have felt that depth of comfort along this entire journey. 

If we really want church to be places of radical hospitality, then we need to find the way to make everyone feel comfortable.  That comfort enables hospitality to be received and for everyone to be open to the promptings of the Spirit. 

So…whether in our houses of worship, in our homes, or in our workplaces; what practices do we have that can make others feel uncomfortable and guarded?  When we find these and are willing to make changes, then we can talk serious about being hospitable. 


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