Day 12 complete

Weddings are great for many things. They are good for tears of joy, delicious cake, nervous couples, stress, and memories, to name a few. But they are also good at reminding us how important and how much work relationships are.
I believe that when a couple say their vows to one another, in the presence of God they are promising to love each other in such a way that other people see Jesus’ love at work in their relationship.
That is why a marriage can be so rewarding and encouraging. The couple is there to support each other and help each other through out life. 
That’s also why marriage isn’t always easy and takes work. Sometimes spouses don’t see eye to eye or does something to disappoint, but a promise has been made to love as Jesus loves.
Scott and I had the privilege of seeing this kind of commitment to the vows first hand. We met a couple that have married for almost 35 years. The love they have for each other easily displayed the love God has for them. There relationship is a clear testament to Jesus’ activity in their life.
This kind of love isn’t just for married people. Jesus commands us to love one another in such a way that sets us apart from the world.
But I don’t always get it right. 
We met a man on the walk. He seemed friendly, happy, and was open to chatting as we were both headed in the same direction.
I never met some with so much hate on such a good natured face. He was comfortable with his world view and it helped him make sense of the world.
I talked to him about God’s love for all, but he thinks it’s just for some. Our time together was cut short, because Scott and I were switching out. I thought about him all day and prayed for him. I still wonder if I could have or should have done more? Maybe offer him a ride or to pray with him? 
But, I learned the same lesson through the loving couple and the hateful man. Each relationship I am in gives me opportunity to love boldly and I should not pass it up. I pray for the strength for each of us to be a faithful witness through God’s love, whether it be long term relationships or short encounters.

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