Day 13 Complete 

Today was hot. Today was humid. 

Today offered two distinct routes from Ridgway to Kane.

 One route was over 3 miles shorter (one less hour of walking). This shorter route offered more shade along the road. 

However, the shorter route bypassed two churches we wanted to share time with.  The shorter route was also not the one we promised to follow. 

Today was hot.  Today was humid.  Today our feet ached in new ways. 

Everything pointed us in the direction of the shorter, easier, route. That is everything except the Lord. This is not our journey it is, has been, and will continue to be the Lord’s. 

Today was hot. Today was humid. Today our feet aches in new ways. Greater than all of these is…today is the day the Lord has made!

So we took the road less travelled, the road that did not make human sense. It was hot, humid, aching, and filled with God’s presence in very profound ways. 

Today as I walked I sang. I sang hymns, spirituals, and praise songs. Every step I took was filled with a song for the Lord. 

When I sang and was focused solely on the Lord…I forgot it was hot, humid and that my feet were sore. 

When I lost that focus it all came right back. And then the Holy Spirit would raise up within me another song.

 Along one particularly difficult stretch the Spirit raised up the spiritual “Ride On King Jesus”. I went from dragging along to nearly dancing up the roadside. (It must have been a sight for anyone passing by.)

I wonder how many times the Holy Spirit rises up within us to lead us forward, but we quiet the Spirit. We subdue the Spirit. We choose to drag on in our wantings, longings, and complaints…all the while God is trying to lift us up and over the problems we are facing. 

How often do we take the easiest road and shut down what God can do while we yield to our own weakness?

How many lives have been left untouched by God’s presence because it has been too hard to move on the road less travelled?

Where would the Church, our local faith communities, and our personal ministries be if we set aside what made sense in our finite mind and seemed easier. And instead chose the road where we were fully dependent upon God?  

Today I learned, once again, the power of letting Jesus “Ride On” instead of me dragging along. 

Have a blessed sabbath. Take time to celebrate what God has given you. And make sure that all those around you know how very loved they are!
Grace and Peace,


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