Day 15 Complete

Spiritual gift inventories are helpful in showing us where our strengths and weaknesses lay. It’s nice when we score high in something we enjoy doing. We become more encouraged to continue our study and growth in that area. The spiritual gifts inventory also gives us an excuse to put less work into those things we score low on. This strengthens the idea that we just aren’t called into that area of ministry. But how often God surprises us!
I got the privilege of talking to a pastor in the Kane district. He told how his lowest score was pastoral care prior to church ministry. The first year serving the church forced him into more than a few serious pastoral care situations. He put his trust in God and stepped forward.

He has now been there for more than a few years and a couple of the members are thrilled with their pastor who cares for them in such a compassionate way.

It reminds me that I should be careful about saying “I can’t do that” to God. So often God proves me wrong.

I pray that God proves you wrong more than a couple times throughout your journey.


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