Day 3 Complete

Soooo…We made it to Jefferson today. It was a rough day. Our bodies are adjusting to the rigors of near constant movement. We are getting there (folds hands and raises eyes toward God).
I have learned that I need about 30 steps. My feet hurt, my legs are stiff, getting up takes more than a couple moments. The first several steps don’t always land where I want them to. The next several are more hopeful, as the legs start to find their stride. After that, the pain subsides and it’s down to business.
Getting started is by far the most difficult part if the day. But if we didn’t start we wouldn’t experience the blessing we have.
A big “Thank you”, to Oak View UMC for your show of support and your prayers. I am sorry we weren’t there to experience it. I was comforted to hear about your passion for the Lord.

Day 2 complete 

Today was full of surprises and many blessings. We are still overwhelmed with the beauty that we are seeing and hospitality we are receiving. 

We planned for everything, or so we thought. The right shoes, the right socks, the right gear and food supplies. But. Somehow we still developed blisters, small and large, on our feet. The socks were suppose to stop that. The shoes were to limit that. The Vaseline was suppose to ease that.

But…they appeared anyway. And each one helps us focus on the next step. 

I, Scott, was surprised to find a rather intense pain in my right ankle. After receiving a ride from Hannah (Justin’s sister) Med Express found an old bone fragment from an injury years old had moved. I can still make the walk, but we have to adjust. 

Adjusting is hard to do when you make all the decisions, but things don’t go according to plan. But, if we are focused on our goal and not on the preparations made we can avoid frustration and move forward. 

The same is true with the unexpected surprise that looks to derail your progress. Focus on it we will freeze. Focus on a solution to overcome and move forward. 

Adjustment and adaptation are always part of ministry.  Don’t let yourself be frozen by frustration. 

(We have made adjustments to the walk, but will be moving forward (just with a relay car). All is well. )

Watch for the new tracking link. 

Day 2

Day one has now officially come to an end. After miles of walking we learned a new meaning to “welcoming the stranger”.  As we were overwhelmed with hospitality after a very long day. 

We saw some beautiful landscapes and amazing communities for ministry. 

We did learn that walking on a level hard surface for a long period of time is painful. What took this pains away were hills, rolling hills. 

Sometimes it seems easy in the life of the church to stay on a plateau, to maintain what we have always had, but we feel, after today, that staying level wears the body down. 

The good news is that climbing that hill that is before you, or your ministry, is likely the relief you need. Maybe it’s time to set aside our fears of what seems to difficult  and boldly drive forward. 

The tracking link code used today will remain the same for tomorrow. 

Walk Countdown

Good afternoon.

    Tomorrow is the day!  At 0800 (At the Conference Center) Justin and I will be taking the first steps of our journey around the Conference.  We are both excited and anxious as we begin this ministry.  Final cuts are being made as we look to lighten the backpack we carry.  As we do so it reminds me of how much excess we tend to carry throughout our lives.
    We are so grateful to the congregations, families, and co-walkers who are housing us along the way.  Words fail to express how very much we appreciate all the support we have received.
    Along the way we will be blogging, tweeting, and emailing about our experiences.  We will also be posting a daily tracking link so that you will be able to follow us along the way.
    Blog: (all blog information will be emailed daily…if you prefer not to receive the email please reply and request to be removed)
    Twitter:  @PastorGallagher
    We greatly appreciate your prayers along the way and hope that as word spreads that others will join us along the route, by walking in their community, or by walking the labyrinth.