Day 16 Complete

Today’s journey brought us from Warren to Lottsville. The hospitality and generosity we have received daily on the Walk still amazes us both. 

Along the way we had an opportunity to minister with Pastor Bob to a family facing a tragic loss. The entire community is affected and have spent the past few days ministering to the family, and each other. 

This is a reflection of what the church is to be…a community.

In the 14th century the old French word  “comunité” meant  commonness or everybody.  In our lofty theological and philosophical discourse on what community is or isn’t, have we lost its simple truth?

Justin and I entered into many communities along the way. Many places we have never been before, but have been embraced as part of the community. 

We also can say that every place we passed is part of our community. 

Both of these realities were true prior to us ever meeting anyone or traveling through a particular place. 

Bishop Bickerton has long stated that each pastor is appointed to a community. John Wesley said that the world was his parish (community).  Both are correct. 

Where we limit ourselves is thinking that our community we serve as clergy and congregations is defined by a zip code, an imaginary set of boundaries, a defined set of opinions/stances, or other man made divisions. 

The truth is, where we have been and have not yet been, that is our community we are called to serve. 

Maybe, just maybe, if we saw everyone as an important part of our community we would be a less divided, prejudiced, and judgmental society.  And instead rally beside one another in the good times and bad. 

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