Day 17 Complete

It comes as no surprise that we have seen many different artistic depictions of Jesus in the churches we have visited. My personal favorite has been “laser hands” Jesus from Grace Church in Warren. Each painting shares a different story of Jesus that the artist is trying to tell.
I have found this to be very similar to the people I have met. Each person has a different story to share, a different experience of life, and ultimately a different way of seeing God’s love.
It may be how God’s love is given to others through them, experienced by them, yearned for, or despised. Everytime I encounter a person I get to see God’s love shown in new ways.
If I limit who I talk to and encounter I limit the many different ways of experiencing God and being used by God.
I know that not every encounter is good, but each one gives me a chance to see a different side of God and trust God all the more.
I pray we, as a church, can open our lives to more and varied people so that we can trust God more fully and love others more completely.

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