Day 18 Complete

It is hard to express the thankfulness we are filled with as we continue to be blessed at every stop along the journey. 

Today we travelled from Union City to Albion (32 miles along the route we had plotted). After passing through Edinboro, we continued along 6N.

My portion of the walk began at the intersection with 79. There before me was a straight section of road.  I was able to see ahead for miles. 

It was an incredible site. 

As I walked along I wanted to keep looking far down the road to where the sky met the pavement.  But, I needed to be cautious with each next step. 

Up ahead was that beautiful place where it seems the road ends. It is similar to the horizon line that sailors saw and were convinced if you sailed to that point you would fall off the dave of the earth. 

Beyond that point I could see nothing. For all I new the road would end. As I travelled into Elk Township the line became more distinct. So, I began to set goals to reach “the end of the road”.

I picked out a landmark to the right or left of the horizon line. Before I new it I had reached the landmark and that horizon line had moved forward. I would pick another point.  Again and again the same thing happened. 

Too often I think we want to look too far ahead. When we can’t see what is beyond the horizon, we make up an idea of what will lie ahead. 

When it doesn’t turn out the way we expected, we can be disappointed. 

There are things that are in the distance, along the road the Lord has prepared for us, that we do not need to know yet. They are purposefully kept beyond the horizon. 

Our focus needs to be on the more immediate need. The very next step and what is being revealed to us in that moment. When we do that we can set achievable goals and celebrate the achievements we have made. 

What is we only looked ahead to what we can see…

If we can let our future be revealed to us by the Lord, and not our design.

If we could let our children’s lives develop along God’s plan and not our expectations. 

If we could let the ministries of our churches be administered by the Holy  Spirit and not our finite concepts. 

If we could…if we could…then God will prepare the way and we can celebrate the revelations along the way. 

Grace and peace,


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