Day 19 Complete

Every year since I was six, my family would go to Myrtle Beach for vacation. The water, trees, beach houses, even the air all advertised that this was a place of relaxation.
Today we walked from Albion to Trinity UMC in Conneaut Lake. As soon I crossed on to 618 toward the lake I felt like I was back in Myrtle Beach. It was beautiful and peaceful. I found myself thinking, “What a relaxing place to serve!”
In the evening we sat at a table overlooking the lake and listened to the pastor tell us about the town. It is beautiful, but also has some serious challenges. Its much more than a vacation spot. It’s a place that has difficult struggles that the church is continually praying for.
It easy for me to make snap judgements based on first impressions. When I do this, I find that not only am I usually wrong but I keep myself from great beauty or awesome opportunity.
The truth of a town or a person is often far more complex or richer than we are willing to go. To get beneath the surface of something takes time, effort, and the willingness to journey into their “neck of the woods”.
It’s when we find ourselves out of our safe area and into uncharted waters that God’s love really leads us to some awesome places.
I prayer that we are willing to go beyond what is before us and love others for the long haul.

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