Day 20 Complete

Our journey is now down to its final 38 miles set for Monday and Tuesday, after enjoying our Sabbath. 

It is hard to believe everything we have experienced along this journey.  God changed not only our plan, but has changed us along the way. 

I am in awe of the beauty that exists in the diversity of the Body of Christ in WPA. Each community has different specific needs, but an overarching need for the Church to be the manifestation of the active love of God. 

As we search for ways to manifest that love and to move together in harmony, I have gained a newfound appreciation of itinerancy and the work of appointment setting. 

Maybe it is because we are about to enter into Annual Conferenece that my mind is drawn to this thought…in any case…here it is. 

Congregations, communities, and clergy are a spectacularly diverse. There is an incredible amount of work, prayer, and discernment that has to happen to make one correct match. Sometimes it works  beautifully and sometimes a little extra care needs to be given. There is no scientific formula for this ministry…although it is often dissected and examined as if there is a formula. 

What there is though is a desire to do God’s work and to transform the world. When we set out to do this walk we had a plan and goal, God had another plan, we needed to change to meet what God required of us. 

So, whether we find ourselves moving this appointment season or not…whether you are receiving a new pastor or not, there is one thing we need to be…Open. 

Open to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Open to being changed to enter into or receive something/someone new. And Open to the plans that God has, even if we think we know better. 

Grace and Peace,


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