Day 22 Complete

The Walk is quickly coming to a close. Tomorrow will be our last day. This will be my final blog about the Walk.
I thank God for the chance to walk around the Conference. This has been a great experience. It hasn’t always been fun or easy. But it has been very insightful. I have learned much about myself, God, and the Conference.
We could not have completed the walk if it weren’t for all the help and prayers we received along the way.
The connectional structure of the UM Church has allowed us to walk around western Pennsylvania. We were supplied with breakfast and dinner, a place to sleep, do laundry, shower, and other things.
After getting permission from the Bishop and cabinet to do the walk. We then gave the first draft of the route to them. The District Superintendents contacted the churches for us and in some cases suggested different churches to stay with. This is the connectional system at work.
But I learned very quickly that we are connected by more than the Bishop, DS, or the Book of Discipline. Throughout the walk I got to see mercy, kindness, hospitality, service, prayer and love. I was comforted and humbled many times to see God’s love and Spirit active through the members of the United Methodist Church.
It’s the Holy Spirit that connects each of us, that drives us to love our neighbor, that directs us to pray for one another, and that nudges us to grow in fellowship to God and community.
I have been greatly encouraged by God through the people of the United Methodist Church. I pray that we continue to love the communities we find ourselves in with the love of Jesus, today, tomorrow, and as often as we have opportunity.

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